ASE Paper Feed

Who remembers the “Editor’s Choice” list? It was an emailed a list of papers that were relevant to the ASE community. This was a valuable service to the community once provided by the late Dave Sentman. I would like to restore this service, and now integrate it into the new ASE website and Twitter.

As part of the new ASE website, I have included a new feed on the right that shows recent papers that are relevant to the ASE community.  By default, I will automatically add any paper that has the word “lightning” in the title or abstract, appearing in either GRL, JGR Atmospheres or Space Physics.  If there are papers that you feel are relevant to the ASE community that do not have the word lightning, please email me the paper, and any suggestions for search terms you should include.

The feed on the website is linked to a new Twitter account for the ASE section, @AtmosSpaceElect,  So you can also get the paper feed by following that Twitter handle.

I can be reached at


-Morris Cohen, Georgia Tech, ASE Web Editor (and self-appointed social media guru)