About Us
This focus group is responsible for fostering atmospheric and space electricity science within AGU. It is also charged with building interdisciplinary interaction, and educating AGU members about the nature and importance of problems and issues in atmospheric and space electricity. It plays a central role in attracting plasma physicists, space scientists, middle-atmosphere experts as well as traditional atmospheric electricity researchers.

AGU Affiliation
We encourage our AGU members to declare primary affiliation with the ASE Focus Group, while retaining secondary affiliation with one or more other sections or focus groups. Primary affiliation helps maintain ASE’s visibility and continued growth within AGU. Members “lose” no privileges by selecting primary affiliation with a Focus Group rather than a Section. Membership affiliation can be updated on the Online Membership Directory page, here: https://members.agu.org/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx.

Contributions to ASE Funds
All AGU Sections and Focus Groups maintain separate funds to support special activities of the groups. For instance, they are used to fund refreshments and beverages for the business meeting and get together at the annual AGU Fall Meeting. If you would like to make a voluntary contribution to the ASE Fund (or the AGU Annual Campaign), please visit: http://www.agu.org/givingtoagu/ . Gifts can also be specified as Memorials or Special Recognitions, and can be made at any time during the year. To contribute to the ASE Fund from the giving page, select “Fund Drive” from the pulldown menu, and “Atmospheric and Space Electricity” from the pulldown menu on the next page.

Awards and Fellowships Committee
The Awards and Fellows committee is responsible for advancing ASE-affilated fellows nominations and Fleming Award nominations, as well as coordinating selection of outstanding ASE student paper awards at the Fall Meeting. Membership is composed of ASE-affiliated Fellows and Fleming Award recipients, rotating at-large members, and the Focus Group Executive Committee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, contact the focus group president.

AGU Fellows
AGU confers status of “Fellow” on a small number of members with a strong distinguished career record. New Fellows are selected annually and are limited to no more than 0.1% of AGU membership per year. Current AGU Fellows from the Atmospheric and Space Electricity Focus Group include:

Donald Gurnett (1972)
Martin Uman (1989)
E. Philip Krider (1997)
Richard Dowden (2003)
Umran Inan (2007)
Richard Orville (2009)
Earle Williams (2010)
Vladimir Rakov (2012)
Davis Sentman (2012)
Paul Krehbiel (2013)
Dave Rust (2014)

Franklin Lecture
The Franklin Lecture committee selects the topic and speaker of this pretigious ASE lecture, named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Since 2004, the Franklin Lecture has been given biannually at the AGU Fall Meeting, and give a broad historical overview of a selected ASE topic. Past Franklin lectures have been delivered by:

E. Philip Krider (2004)
Donald Gurnett (2006)
Martin Uman (2008)
Davis Sentman (2010)
Earle Williams (2012)