Postdoc in Lightning Physics at Los Alamos National Labs

There is a postdoc position available at Los Alamos. Details below.  Apply at, vacancy 52262, titled “Lightning Physics Postdoc”. Information from Xuan-Min Shao is below:



What You Will Do

The Space and Remote Sensing Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory is seeking outstanding applicants to fill a postdoctoral research positions in lightning physics. Our group carries out multi‐disciplinary programs in theory, modeling, instrumentation, experimentation, field deployment, data analysis, and data exploitation. The successful candidate is expected to (1) develop and deploy advanced electromagnetic lightning sensor systems, to process and analyze the data, and to understand the lightning physics, and/or (2) conduct model simulations of high-energy particles and the corresponding EM generation and transportation in order to study the physics of gamma-ray and EM emissions related to thunderclouds and lightning.
Specifically, this research project will involve deploying lightning sensors at the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) observatory located near Pico de Orizaba in Mexico at an altitude of 14000’. The HAWC observatory detects Cherenkov light from relativistic particles and is designed to search for astrophysical sources of TeV gamma rays. See for details. HAWC is also sensitive to MeV gamma rays and this project will search for correlations between lightning and gamma-ray emission detected by HAWC.

Minimum Requirements:
• Strong research background in lightning theory, instruments, field experiment and data analysis, and/or in high-energy particle and EM model simulations.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• The ability and desire to work as part of a multi‐disciplinary team
• The ability to work independently, with creativity and initiative
• The willingness to expand into new fields
Education: Ph.D. in physics, electrical engineering, or a closely related discipline completed within the past five years or soon to be completed.

Notes to Applicants: In addition to submitting their CV, applicants are encouraged to include a cover letter describing their research interests.

Postdoc appointments are for 2 years, with the possibility of a third year extension.